You Decide is the third episode of the fourth series of Shameless.


Frank ends up sleeping with Monica on the eve of his wedding anniversary to Sheila. As the anniversary party gets underway, Monica reveals that she is having an affair with Frank and Sheila goes beserk, threatening Frank with knives and forcing him into hiding. When he does return two days later he faces the toughest decision of his life: Monica or Shelia.

Ian and Lip make money by selling knock off junk around Chatsworth ("rag and bone" style), business goes well until they find the severed hand of Fergal Maguire, resulting in Paddy and Mimi's devastation upon hearing of the murder of their son. Following Fergal's send off, Jamie has trouble stopping Paddy and Shane from taking revenge, which would result in another retaliation murder.

There is a tough new PC on the beat in Chatsworth: PC Carrie Rogers, and Stan has trouble keeping her temper under control. Norma is out for revenge when she discovers Monica has been using her for years. Frank's kids try to help him choose between Sheila and Monica. Lip thinks the Maguire's are out to ruin his new business. Carl has trouble getting over another failed relationship, so Debbie decides to help him. 

Post Credit Scene

Sheila Jackson is shown performing on board a cruise ship as a knife thrower. She is dressed as a cow boy and throwing knives at a spinning board, strapped to which is a topless man dressed as a Native American. This is a call back to earlier in the episode when Sheila had a break down and threw knives at Frank but managed to hit the door behind him.


Regular Cast

Guest Cast

  • Jamie Doyle - Jimmy
  • Marc Silcock - Fergal Maguire (uncredited, flashbacks and photographs only)


Deleted Scenes

  • Carrie, Stan and Tom are sat in their police car. They warn her that they should have reported her for spraying mace in Carl's face and there is only so much they can cover up. She placates them by telling them they were "real sweeties" and giving them each a kiss on the side of the head and appologizing. She says that she does know what they're facing as he father was a police officer who was left paraplegic, epileptic and unable to control his bowels after someone dropped a paving slab on his head off a railway bridge in the Brixton Riot of 1982. And though Tom tells her policing has changed, she points out that they're still the front line and having to clean up her fathers excrement is what made her file off the safety of her tazer. Just then Stan begins to point out that there was no Brixton riot in 1982 but before he can, Carrie tazes him unconcious before saying "whoops".

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