Where's Frank? is the third episode of the eighth series of Shameless.


Grim footage of Frank on his stag night shocks Libby back to reality, while Frank is still completely lost in his own sci-fi odyssey.

When the local school fails its Ofsted report, Shane discovers a new venture for the Maguires - school security.

Micky's anxious when his sadistic gay pen pal Timmy is released from prison, while Avril's attempts to help Mimi back to full health leave Mimi confused by the newfound female attention.

Post Credit Scene

Lillian is shown shouting at three unseen people, she walks in front of them, shouts "stop eating pussy" and does the same to the next person. The camera follows her as she walks away and a white board can be seen behind her which reads "Lillian's lesbian aversion course". The camera then pans to reveal the three people she was shouting at to be nuns. This is a call back to earlier in the episode when Lillian over heard Mimi explain her lesbian dream to Avril and mentioned she ran a course.


Regular Cast

Guest Cast


  • Narrator: Shane Maguire
  • Micky makes his boldest attempt at "coming out of the closet" by throwing a party to announce his secret, complete with penis shaped decorations and food however everyone is late and he doesn't go through with it.

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