What About Me? is the thirteenth episode of the sixth series of Shameless.

After another family attempts to kick the Gallagher's out of their home, a visiting social-worker discovers that Monica Gallagher abandoned the family three months earlier. When it becomes apparent that Frank, the remaining legal guardian is incapable of looking after his two youngest children, she takes Stella and Liam into custody. Debbie, who was earlier reassured by Josie, the social-worker about their circumstances, feels betrayed.

Frank goes on a bender after Liam and Stella are taken by social services, and has an epiphany in an art museum.

Joe, still in hospital, pressures Karen to get Mandy to take him back. Joe is pressing charges against Mimi, but will withdraw them if Mandy reconsiders her earlier decision. Meanwhile, Mandy wants to handle things her own way. When Mandy admits she will take him back, the family individually go to Joe to threaten him against hitting Mandy again. Karen, who hid as each of the threats are delivered, blackmails Joe into reliinquishing his share of The Jockey.

Chesney Karib has sex for the first time. His lover is a forty-something housewife, who has intercourse with younger men because she and her husband are desperate for a child. Chesney comes to terms with that.


. Narrator: Frank Gallagher.

. Monica, Fiona and Lip are mentioned.

. First appearance of Mark, who will later become Debbie's boyfriend.

. First appearance of Josie the Social-Worker, who will appear in the following episode.

. Second appearance of Paul Oldham, who this time makes a cameo as the father of a rough family who break into the Gallagher home early in the episode. Paul Oldham had previously appeared as one of the bailffs who pursued Frank in Series 1, and would later appear in Series 8 in the role of Growbag McCreadie.

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