Wedding of Disaster is the fifth episode of the eighth series of Shameless.


After weeks of suffering at the hands of his own mental incarceration, an almost fully intact and in possession of his marbles Frank plots his escape.

Libby meanwhile has had the dramatic news that Frank's divorce is about to be nullified and they could lose the family home in 24 hours. The solution is for Frank and Libby to get married and the clock is ticking...

Post Credit Scene

In a continuation of Frank's hallucination of The Jockey as some form of alien craft from the very beginning of the series, the front door is opened to reveal a bright white light with smoke pouring out. Frank is thrown out of the door and though unseen, the alien sounding (through manipulation) voice of Mimi Maguire is heard shouting "Gallagher, your barred". Frank is then seen breathing heavily as he stumbled around the corner of the pub of says "fucking Scousers, knew it...oh me arse". This continuation clearly illustrates what actually happened the night he though he was abducted by aliens.


Regular Cast

Guest Cast


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