Vendetta is the fourth episode of the ninth series of Shameless. It saw the introduction of Mimi Tutton's niece Ruby Hepburn and the use of two controversial story themes: rape and gay 'bashing'.


On a lads' night out Micky slopes off looking for love in all the wrong places and becomes the victim of a savage attack that leaves him mentally and physically scarred.

On the same night out, Carl falls for the beautiful Clem, but struggles to handle the truth of her situation.

Aidan has fallen in with a gang of older mates, led by gang leader Frasier Kane. Hanging around on the Chatsworth one night, events spiral out of control and Aidan is faced with a life-changing decision.

At the Maguire's house, Mimi's 22-year-old sexy and challenging niece Ruby Hepburn arrives with a plan to get her life together.

Post Credit Scene

The camera opens on the Maguire kitchen with a furious looking Mimi sat at the tables head surrounded by Billy, Shane, Jamie and Micky. She orders the boys to empty their pockets, Shane does so first revealing Ruby's lacy underwear he took earlier in the episode. Next, Billy takes a similar pair from his own pocket and sniffs them before handing them to Mimi. Followed by Jamie who quickly throws a pink pair on to the pile. Micky breathes heavily and adds a pair of black men's boxer shorts to the pile until he realizes the confused looks of everyone else and says they must be his.


Regular Cast

Guest Cast

  • Nathan McMullen - Angel
  • Amy Beth Hayes - Clem
  • Kim Southwick - Pastel
  • Steven Helliwell - Gavin Todd
  • Philip Broadbent - Paramedic
  • Anthony Aspinall - Olly
  • Josh Bolt - Frasier Kane
  • Rachel Leskovac - Lara Heaton


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