Twin is the eleventh episode of the fifth series of Shameless. It focuses on Paddy Maguire and the strained relationship he has with his homosexual twin brother Noel.


A robbery at a local clinic leads to a police raid on the Maguire home. However Paddy and Mimi had been tipped-off the previous evening, and their drugs-stash is entrusted to Debbie Gallagher by Mimi. Soon, Paddy learns that his mugshot had been recorded on CCTV during the robbery. Facing twenty years in prison, Paddy reluctantly contacts his estranged twin-brother Noel into helping him out with a plan.

The drugs hidden at the Gallagher home have been consumed by Frank. Mimi demands that they compensate her family for the loss, sending the Gallagher's on a money-making spree. Ian, who is working two jobs, struggles, so is forced to steal from Jamie and Karen.

Carrie, who is in the pocket of Paddy Maguire, is now a sergeant in the Chatsworth police force, and is eager to impress her boss. However, Tom learns that Carrie's passport has a different name on it, prompting the reveal of a strange secret.

Post Credit Scene

Frank is shown looking confused in the Gallagher kitchen. He says "I had the weirdest dream", the camera shows that Monica, Ian, Mandy, Liam, Carl and Debbie are all opposite him listening. Frank continues "you lot were in it, well not exactly leading parts but..", Ian looks annoyed and asks if that's all he has to say. Debbie then asks how Frank is feeling, to which he replies "fine, fucking starving but fine, why shouldn't I?" Everyone continues to stare at him as he asks what is for breakfast, he turns to look into a saucepan which is shown to contain a very large spider which speaks in a strange voice and says "we meet again Gallagher". Frank is then shown screaming in terror before shouting "just say no kids". This is all due to the massive amount of drugs belonging to the Maguires that Frank took in the episode, forcing his family to scramble to find money to pay for them.


Regular Cast

Secondary Cast

  • Melanie Kilburn - Inspector Kitty Froggatt
  • Thomas McGarva - Victor
  • Stephen Swift - Boss
  • Debbie Rush - Nice Woman
  • Neil Grades - Noel Maguire


  • Narrator: Mimi Maguire. This is the first episode narrated by her.
  • First and only appearance of Noel Maguire, who is played by Neil Grades (an anagram of Sean Gilder).
  • Noel Maguire is gay, which is why Paddy is estranged from him. Paddy is especially embarrassed because, as revealed in a conversation between him and his brother, they use to masturbate together when they were youths.
  • Carrie Rogers' real name is revealed to be Wendy. She is impersonating her dead sister after previously failing to enter the police force.
  • This episode continues an apparent trend in Shameless that involves homosexual characters having a close homosexual relative. Examples of the trend can be seen with Ian Gallagher and his bisexual mother Monica and half brother Sean, Kash Karib and his sister Shaza and of course Micky Maguire and his uncle Noel.
  • The Jockey is fire damaged when disgruntled ex employee Victor throws a molotov cocktail through the window.
  • Carrie offers to have sex with three separate people (Inspector Kitty Froggat, Tom and Paddy) throughout the episode in attempt to get various favors from them. All three turn her down however.
  • Frank is almost completely absent from this episode, spending his time hiding in Debbie's wardrobe due to hallucinations caused by the massive amount of Maguire drugs he consumed. It is mentioned in the commentary that this what a concious decision to give David Threlfall who portrays Frank more time to direct the episode.
  • It is mentioned in the commentary that some story ideas that were included in early versions of the script involved Mimi having a brother arrive and Paddy not being one of twins but one of triplets, with the third brother being a transsexual. It is interesting that a combination of these ideas was used later in the form of Mimi's transsexual brother Bobbi Hepburn.


Shane: Mummy, daddy, pigs!
Paddy: I see your gonna make me pay for all the years of hurt.
Noel: Who wants the favour?
Paddy: And am I gonna have to bend over backwards or forwards? Sorry, sorry!
Noel: Why does it matter to you what I do with my cock?
Paddy: We...wanked together.

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