Trouble in Paradise is the second episode of the sixth series of Shameless.


With the launch night of the newly redecorated Jockey looming, Jamie and Karen are feeling the pressure in their relationship. The honeymoon period is well and truly over - but can a lesbian encounter put the spice back into their marriage?

In the wake of Ian's departure, Micky looks to expand his horizons and enrols on a film course. Soon Micky discovers a hidden talent, and some new friends in the shape of his tutor Zeta and her husband Ady. The couple soon introduce him to the world of swinging when they seduce him into bed.

An accident sends Carl to hospital where he takes on a job and is befriended by auxiliary nurse Maxine. Maxine is introduced to the rest of the Gallaghers, but Carl feels left out when Debbie and Maxine spark up a friendship.

Meanwhile Stan's attempts to bond with Chesney and Meena land them in trouble with the police and Norma makes a grim discovery while refurbishing the Jockey. While Mandy meets a new man in the form of Jamie's football team mate, Joe Pritchard.

Post Credit Scene

In a continuation of a scene from earlier in the episode, Ady's face is seen in close up as he sweats and moves up and down in suggested sex movements. He says "it's fucking brilliant butt" as the camera zooms out to reveal his girlfriend is actually the one having sex with him from behind, her wearing a jockey's hat and holding a whip. She turns to the camera and says "get on Micky, your turn" before the camera cuts to Micky, licking his lips and wearing a similar jockey's hat. He runs over to Ady and screams "yeah" as a whip noise is heard.


Regular Cast

Guest Cast

  • Alana and Anabelle Crampton - Baby Stella Gallagher
  • Andrea Lowe - Zeta
  • Natalie O'Brien - Sally
  • Hayley Tammadon - Calista
  • Alice Coughlan - Kylie
  • Jonathan Lewis Owen - Ady


  • Narrator: Micky Maguire.
  • Features the introduction of new main characters, Maxine Donnelly and Joe Pritchard.
  • Gerard Kearns is credited as Ian Gallagher, but appears in a cutaway scene where he's partying at a gay bar in Ibiza, when Carl claims that he's working for Save The Children abroad.
  • Carl has sex with Maxine in his bedroom, which keeps Liam awake through the evening, as he shares the same bedroom.
  • Debbie and Maxine co-operate in stealing a wallet from one of the clubbers their dancing with in a similar incident to when Fiona had her bag stolen in Episode 101.

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