Trevor is the love interest for Ian Gallagher in the seventh season. He is a Social Worker at the local LGBT center and has a great taste in music. He is also (debatably) the third trans character in the show, after Stan's son Alan Kopchek and Molly Milkovich. He is the first main character on the show to be transgender.

In the season 8, he seems like he could not forget about Ian, and vice versa. He seems to be dating someone else, but one of his friends comments on Ian and says that, "You let him go because he f**ked an old boyfriend?" Ian also comments on Trevor while talking with Rita.

As of the eighth season, Trevor reveals to Ian that when he is upset he goes to a "chub" bar to hook up with larger men. He admits that he had been there most recently because he had been upset about Ian's brief resurrected relationship with a recently-escaped Mickey Milkovich.