Toyboy is the fourth episode of the seventh series of Shameless.


Mimi begins a discrete relationship with a member of the Chatsworth football team, named Billy Tutton. But later, to her horror, Mimi discovers that Billy is a fourteen year old school boy. She tries to end the relationship, but Billy blackmails Mimi in staying with him. When Billy then starts bragging about it to his friends, Mimi enlists the help of Carl Gallagher (who earlier caught them in the act) into getting rid of Billy.

Feeling sorry for his father, Shane, with the help of his brothers, tries to get Paddy out on the pull by taking him to a nightclub. It does not go well. After the Maguire boys abandon Paddy at the club, a depressed Paddy returns home, and pays Kelly to have sex with him. Later, out of guilt, Paddy gives his bedroom to Shane and Kelly.

Frank drinks bootleg vodka, and temporarily loses his eyesight. As Frank won't cut back on his normal habits, despite medical advice, Liam makes it his business to substitute his father's regular vices with less harmful alternatives. When Frank's sight finally returns, Liam reveals what he had done. Frank is ungrateful, regarding what his son did as "cruel".

Joe is caught cheating at a casino. He causes a brawl and gets arrested. Afterward, he gets ankle-tagged.

Post Credit Scene

The camera slowly pans up the bodies of Carl Gallagher and Mimi Maguire sat down in The Jockey's football team changing rooms. Carl has his football kit on with the shorts around his ankles and the top pulled up, a football is obscuring the view of his penis which a smiling Mimi appears to be masturbating. Mimi says "it's not so bad being on the sub bench now is it" before Carl moans loudly.


Regular Cast

Guest Cast

  • Michael Taylor - Billy Tutton
  • Wynnie La Freak - Val
  • Jordan Murphy - Pete


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