Episode 808 is the eighth episode of the eighth series of Shameless.


Struggling to work for the family and care for baby Cilla, Micky comes up with a new way of making money: a fake website capturing the credit card details of deeply unsavoury users of other illegal websites.

In a very Shameless take on the Robin Hood notion of robbing the rich to give to the poor, Micky and Aidan take from the really bad guys and gives to those much more deserving - themselves! But it's not long before the police are alerted, and the family face ruin.

Meanwhile, a morbid romance is in the air for Patty, who meets Trevor through her job on the suicide helpline. While, Libby is worried that Frank no longer wants to marry her.

Post Credit Scene

Micky runs down the stairs in the Maguire house in his underwear and heads for the fridge. He takes out a carton of orange juice and begins to open it as he heads back to the stairs but stops when he notices Mimi's breast pump on the counter. The camera cuts to him trying to use it and succeeding by actually expressing milk, he suddenly throws it across the room and runs back up the stairs looking scared.


Regular Cast

Guest Cast


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