There's The Rub is the fifth episode of the  Season 4 of the US version of Shameless.


Fiona’s series of bad decisions involving Robbie finally boil over. Meanwhile, Frank and Sammi pursue a cure for Frank’s liver trouble and try to catch up on missed father-daughter time; and Lip gets a surprise visit at college from Army investigators.




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  • Fiona's affair with Robbie gets revealed to Mike.
  • Military police come looking for Ian who has been posing as Lip.
  • Lip and Debbie find Ian.
  • Kev and Mickey set up a rub and tug upstairs from the bar.
  • Robbie leaves coke at Fiona's.
  • Sammi and Sheila help build a sweat lodge for Frank.
  • Liam ingests coke at Fiona's birthday party and has to go to the hospital.
  • Fiona gets arrested.


Fiona:I think I was trying to prove something, not to you but to myself. Prove that I didn't deserve you. Or this job. Your parents, your friends, all these nice normal functional people. I really didn't think I deserved any of it. And in the end I was right.

Kev:Baby look we are victims of a society that squeezes the lower middle class. Screws up our businesses because of jackhammers and taxes and regulations and unnecessary paperwork. Basically forces us to do illegal shit. Now I'm having 4 kids and if that means I gotta turn out some Russian whores to feed my family and pursue the American Dream, that's how it's gotta be.

Debbie:If it wasn't sex then what was the problem?
Lip:Everything else.

Sammi:My whole life I've been looking for a daddy.



This episode was viewed by 1.58 million people.

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