The Ties That Blind Us is the fourteenth episode of the fifth series of Shameless.


After being arrested, Mandy begins to grow close with Tom O'Leary and tries to help him find his biological mother. Soon she begins falling for him and decides to make a move on him whilst getting a woman to pretend to be his mothers best friend. However, Tom turns her down because he is dating another girl. She is left shocked when she discovers the identity of his mystery women.

As the police begin closing in on the Maguire's, Mimi loses her temper and ends up throwing a pan of curry over Micky. Realising she has a problem with controlling her anger, she begins attending anger management classes and becomes more sensitive towards her children and her suppliers. Worried that his wife's new side will ruin the family business, Paddy plots to bring back the old Mimi.

Also, whilst trying to seduce a girl, Carl becomes attracted to Karen and asks her to teach him sex tips as an excuse to get her to talk dirty. Monica is going through the sweats and continues to keep Frank awake at night. Frank then begins falling asleep in The Jockey and decides to take action. Liam thinks the Gallaghers are poor after getting taunted by other children at school. But later reveals to Monica that he sees his perceived poverty as an advantage, because any over-achievement from him would be praised far more, saying further that "a working-class hero is something to be!"

Post Credit Scene

Bella, the actress that Mandy hired earlier in the episode is seen sitting in The Jockey. She says that it was her choice to move on from Corrie as she's more of an all round entertainer. Jamie, Mimi, Shane, Paddy and Micky are shown sitting across from her, listening while looking bored as Bella continues to detail events of her acting career.


Regular Cast

Guest Cast

  • Lola & Macy Yoxall - Katie Maguire
  • Sache Parkinson - Tracy Kelvin
  • Mark Hallett - Brian
  • Lesley Nikol - Bella
  • Mark Davis - Man in pub



Mimi: Well there was the time I hit me husband with me shoe, a good six inch 
heel. He'd come in six sheets to the wind every night that week and the kids 
were only small. I kept them on dileberate, stilletos like.
Mimi:...So I took a knife and carved me initials into his back, ten inches high, 
while he was still tied up. Next time one of my lads hit a ball into his garden, 
he handed it back double quick that's for sure.

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