The P Factor is the eleventh episode of the eleventh and final series of Shameless.


Patreesha's singing career finally seems to be taking off when Louis, a performer at a local jazz club, promises to set up some gigs for her. However during a rehearsal at her house, Louis collapses and dies after taking cocaine. While they wait for the ambulance to arrive, Avril discovers that he has a case full of cash and convinces Patreesha that they should keep it to kick start her music career. And so starts a battle between the two sisters, each trying to get her hands on the full £50,000. They both resort to shady means but are unaware that the moneys true owners are not far behind.

Frank catches Tam going to steal a pair of Mimi's underwear off her washing line and he admits that all the boys at school bring in underwear from women they've supposedly had sex with for the boys to sniff. Frank is then caught holding Mimi's knickers however, leading to him being barred from The Jockey. Tam refuses to confess and another misunderstanding with Mimi's underwear leads to her covering the Chatsworth in posters labelling Frank a pervert.

Meanwhile, Aidan thinks things are looking up between him and Letitia when she catches her boyfriend with another girl.

Post Credit Scene

Tam is seen cleaning the graffiti words "pants nonce" off Frank's door. The word "pants" has been removed, leaving just "nonce" as Tam says he has run out of terps. He says he will be back the next day as he has homework, commenting that it looks better now anyway. Frank disagrees and shouts that they are not done as Tam walks away, adding for him to get back on his hands and knees. Just then, an old couple walk by, hearing Frank shout this at a little boy and seeing the word "nonce" on his door they give him a disgusted look and walk away.


Regular Cast

Guest Cast

  • David Schofield - Louis
  • Melissa Jane Sinden - Spokeswoman
  • Oliver Heald - Stev
  • Neil McKinven - Maurice O'Neil
  • James Jowett - Barman



Stev: It's not what it looks like! It's only a blow-job, she's my cousin, it's 
not like it counts!
Mimi: Maybe I should write a book, "Touched by a Filthy Bugger".
Billy: Frank didn't actually touch you.
Mimi: He pinched me fucking knickers! Exposed himself to me!

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