The Golden Empire is the first episode of the eleventh and final series of Shameless.


The whole estate turns out to celebrate Chatsworth being awarded an Olympic ring from London 2012. Things go off in typical Chatsworth style however when Frank heckles the Mayor and the ring is revealed to have been replaced by a fake, causing a near riot. Half the estate are soon arrested by new estate copper: Police Sergeant Randall.

Avril and Letitia are sadly forced to move in with Avril's snooty sister, Patreesha and her daughter Mary Mae, now that Jackson is gone.

Frank makes some new friends in the form of "gastric bandits" Sherilee and Derilee, twin hookers who are obsessed with house hold cleaning.

Mimi throws a "magic mushroom" party, attended by Dom and Gloria who are still hiding their incestuous affair. Mimi and Gloria look back over some of Mimi's family photo's while enjoying their trip but Mimi suddenly realizes that Jamie can't be Paddy's son.

Jamie struggles with the loss of his identity and goes looking for his biological father. He discovers that his father passed away years previous but he has found himself a new brother, Kassi.

Shane makes a new friend, in an unlikely situation.

Post Credit Scene

Frank is seen back at the squat with Derilee and Sherilee, Derilee is sitting astride Frank with her breasts revealed while Sherilee sits on the bed next to them. Sherilee says for Derilee to tell Frank what someone said, to which Derilee says that she left hair in the bath. Frank groans and says "ride it baby", while Sherilee continues to talk normaly. Suddenly Derilee moans that she loves to clean as Frank's moaning becomes louder suggesting he is having an orgasm and Derilee rubs a tin of air freshener between her breasts before spraying some and inhaling it deeply with pleasure.


Regular Cast

Guest Cast

  • Dan Atkinson - Photographer
  • John Branwell - Mayor
  • Tracey Booth - Police Officer
  • Gerard Fletcher - Magistrate


  • Narrator: Jamie Maguire
  • A new opening sequence is introduced for this episode.
  • This episode features 4 Windsor Gardens being turned into a squat after the Powell family moves out.
  • Stella Gallagher has aged an unrealistic amount since the end of the previous series, similar to when Liam was recast and took a more active role in storylines.
  • Sally Carman (Kelly Maguire) and Jack Deam (Marty Fisher) are both credited though they only appear briefly at the ceremony in the beginning of the episode.


Shane: Hey, not having dad's potato genes might explain why your accent's all 
over the place eh? Fucking hell, watch it plastic Paddy!

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