The Garden Competition is the third episode of the second series of Shameless.


Things liven up on the estate when the council run a Best Kept Garden competition to win a year's free rent. Carol and Veronica both get green-fingered, and light-fingered, trying to win.

Fiona gets suspicious when she accidentally discovers a text on Steve's phone from someone named Kerry-Anne, complete with kisses. Frank tries his best to talk Sheila out of visiting her mother in the Hospice and leaving him alone with Nigel and Delia. Quick to shirk his responsibilities, he soon loses the twins when a local transvestite known as "Psycho Sally" disappears with them!

And Steve eventually has a much bigger and happier surprise for Fiona!

Post Credit Scene

Kev is seen dancing in his bedroom while listening to music on headphones and singing along loudly. He has his back to the door and it opens as Veronica leads Debbie, Fiona and Carol in while laughing. Kev suddenly turns to see them all standing there and they all smile and laugh as Kev continues his song and dance.


Regular Cast

Guest Cast

  • Ian Reddington - Tommy
  • Seamus O'Neill - Police Chief
  • Mary Wray - Margie
  • Tony Nyland - Mr Fitch



Frank: "I still don't understand why the twins can't go with you,"
Sheila: "Frank, she's in a Hospice!"
Frank: "Well don't they have a creche?"

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