The End of an Era (1) is the first episode of the ninth series of Shameless. Just like the following episode, it was a special of sorts with a length of just under an hour.


The new series kicks off with the Chatsworth Estate in a time of darkest austerity.

The Gallaghers and half the estate are evicted as part of Operation New Start - a multi-agency crackdown on the benefits culture of those in social housing, led by Carmen Kenaway - played by Morwenna Banks and her toxic sidekick, Daniella Feeney - played by Judy Flynn.

Jamie and Karen are thrust into the roles of guardians of the estate when evictees turn to them for help. While things look bleak for the majority, all is bright for Jackson, who is now a fully qualified teacher.

Carl is just days away from qualifying as a policeman, but Frank's disapproval threatens his graduation.

But worse than this - Frank needs glasses. For the first time, he must confront the possibility that he may be a less than perfect physical specimen.

Post Credit Scene

The camera zooms in on Marty's face as sex moans can be heard coming from another room. The camera zooms out to reveal Marty in bed with Kelly at the Brothel while Marty complains "there's spunk stains on the pillow case and dried in lubricant", Kelly replied that it's a working house. Marty suddenly jumps as Lillian enters the room dressed in a skin tight leather cat suit, complete with cat ears, she starts looking through drawers and asks Marty if he has a "little stiffy" under the covers for her. Marty splutters that he hasn't before complaining he feels ill as Lillian exits the room holding in a large dildo and a hatchet before smiling that he'll "come round eventually".


Regular Cast

Guest Cast


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