Terry is a long-time regular of The Jockey who has appeared throughout Shameless as a background character. Terry is over forty-years of age, is completely bald and has a beer-gut. Terry was named only once in the series, during Episode 511, when Ian bade him good night as he left in a drunken state, just moments before disgruntlecd ex Jockey chef Victor set fire to the pub in revenge for getting sacked by Jamie and Karen.

Terry was also one of the people who attended Frank Gallagher's stag night,[1] where he and Jamie, Carl, Shane, Micky, Chesney and Jackson ran naked through the Chatsworth Estate late at night while drunk.

In Episode 812, Terry and another Jocky customer were humiliated by Mimi because they laughed at her transsexual brother, Bobbi Hepburn.

In Episode 908, when Frank gets upset about losing his green parka, he struggles to remember a couple of his kid's names as he talks about the life history of his coat. An inebriated Terry shouts out Liam's name when Frank mentions his son "with the curly brown hair".


  1. Episode 801

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