Terrorist Target is the seventh episode of the fourth series of Shameless.


During an argument with Monica, Frank accidentally reveals that he originally chose Sheila over her. She tells him that she is sleeping with Norma which upsets Frank. Realising Norma is splashng the cash, Frank breaks into her campervan at night and tries to steal her wad of cash. However, she awakes and accuses him of trying to rape her before kidnapping him and driving him to the police station. Lucky for Frank, he manages to escape but ends up getting caught by Stan afterwards. Faced with a prison sentence, Norma makes Frank an offer he finds hard to refuse: she will drop the charges if he leaves Monica.

When he loses some Semtex that he was asked to hide, Paddy fears for his life and desperatly tries to find it. However, Micky handed the Semtex into the police some days previously. He and Shane eventually make a deal with a seven year old Liam (who cleverly forces Shane and Micky into haggling) for his playdo in order to pass it off as Semtex, and then hand the Semtex back to Paddy, who is more than grateful.

Explosions across the estate put fear into the community. Eager to discover the truth, PCs Carrie and Tom launch a survelliance operation. However, it is revealed that Tom was the cause of the explosion in his effort to keep Carrie in Chatsworth, and Stan is forced to act fast to save both his and Tom's career.

Yvonne is running an illegal call centre in the back of her shop. Lip meets Nadia and begins flirting with her, but he is appalled when he discovers Nadia is a man. Carol has taken over at the Jockey following Jez's departure. Ian is upset by Lips attitude towards gay men and takes him to a gay bar where Lip ends up stripping!

Post Credit Scene

A close up of a safe is shown as a gloved hand pushes a clay like substance around the handle then inserts wires into it. The camera reveals that the hand belongs to Paddy as he continues to add what he thinks is Semtex (but is actually Play Dough) to the safe while being watched by two men. An electronic noise is heard from the device in his hand as he inserts a wire in the "Semtex". He slowly backs away around a corner with the other men and triggers the switch. He can be heard continuously triggering the switch to no avail before saying "shit!" This is a continuation of a storyline from earlier in the episode.


Regular Cast

Guest Cast

  • Ronny Jhutti - Nadia
  • Miriam Ali - Ginditra
  • Dominic Kay - Gay Barman


  • Narrator: Norma Starkey. This is the first episode to be narrated by her.
  • Monica reveals that she first met Frank in 1979.


Lip: Yeah well how would you like it if another girl came onto you?
Mandy: Wouldn't bother me, anyway I've snogged loads of girls. Oh come on, 
quickest way to turn a lad on is pretending to be a lesbian or haven't 
you noticed? Anyway, you shag me up the arse!
Lip: Yeah but that's different.
Mandy: Is it?
Debbie: Well?
Ian: Well Debs, there's some things you don't know that you might..
Debbie: I know your gay Ian. It's obvious, you haven't exactly got girlfriends 
coming out of your ears have you? And you can dance.
Ian: Does Carl know too?
Carl: [Shouting from outside the room] Yeah!
Debbie: He doesn't care Ian, neither do I.
Ian: Pitty Lip don't feel the same.

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