Sister, Sister is the ninth episode of the second series of Shameless. This episode sees the start of Marty's devoted relationship with Sue Garland.


Craig and Fiona are looking forward to their surprise weekend away, despite Fiona's morning sickness and Sue's mind games. However their trip has to be canceled when Craig's father dies.

Debbie helps Marty prepare for his upcoming court appearance by dressing him in a suit and helping him replace his offensive Tourette's outburts with clean versions (such as "sponge cake"). His new attitude doesn't last however when Sue drops by and reveals that she is Craig's wife, leaving Marty to believe he is "doing the dirty". Once he realizes the truth though he makes a play for Sue himself and the two go out on a date which Craig believes Sue is doing just to mess with him.

Kev's trouble-maker sister Kelly makes an appearance on the Chatsworth and wastes no time in starting a fight with Veronica. Kelly reveals that the man she loves turned out to be a Heroin addict but Veronica soon discovers that Kelly is the one with a Heroin problem. Taking pleasure in her pain, Veronica locks Kelly in the bathroom to go "cold turkey".

Post Credit Scene

Animal noises are heard as the camper van from the Gallagher's garden is shown to be open and full of leaves and flowers with Fiona and Craig kissing inside. They wish each other good morning then look up as a knocking is heard, Debbie appears carrying two cups and says that she thought they might want a brew. The camera suddenly pulls back to reveal that the van is still in the Gallagher's garden as the peaceful background noise switches to the usual Chatsworth traffic and siren noises.


Regular Cast

Guest Cast



Kev: What went wrong?
Kelly: He's a fucking junkie!
Kev: Jesus, not Heroin!
Veronica: Didn't he watch Grainge Hill?


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