Sickness and Health is the tenth episode of the eighth series of Shameless.


Micky pines for somebody to love, so when the opportunity arises for him to adopt a cat it becomes the perfect outlet for his paternal urges. But when the cat is diagnosed with AIDS he turns to HIV-positive Lulu rather than his bigoted family for support.

Chesney leaves Bradford in charge of the shop while he's away. Sita's irritation is obvious and the pair argue until they finally reach a new level of understanding and respect.

Sita helps Carl with a new job for the Maguires, unaware it's not legit. The police are soon involved and the fugitives are on the run.

Elsewhere, Mimi's knickers have been stolen from her washing line causing widespread panic among the women of Chatsworth.

Post Credit Scene

Micky is seen on all fours while wearing a white suit in Lillian's Brothel. He asks an unseen person "would you like me to be the cat?" The camera zooms out to reveal Lillian, also on all fours while wearing a long red wig, as she says "yes please". Micky crawls to her and purrs while Lillian tells him not to be frightened and offers him some pretend milk, which he pretends to drink from her hands, she then begins to stroke his head. This is a re-enactment of the bizarre scene from Celebrity Big Brother 2006 when MP George Galloway took a task too far by pretending to be a cat while Rula Lenska played along.


Regular Cast

Guest Cast


  • Narrator: Micky Maguire
  • The song playing during Carl and Sita's escape from the police is Chase & Status' End Credits (ft Plan B).

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