Sibling Rivalry is the twelfth episode of the eighth series of Shameless.


Mimi is surprised when her brother Bobbi turns up to announce he's soon to become her sister!

Jackson gets involved with a local political party with some extreme right wing ideals. He plans to infiltrate the group and expose them as fascists, but his actions put his family and Chesney in danger.

Meanwhile, Shane's new clamping business causes mayhem on the estate and the fury of Jamie, who falls victim to the scheme. Micky tries to keep the peace between his feuding brothers, but he's in an impossible position.

Post Credit Scene

Mimi is seen tossing and turning in bed before suddenly sitting up with a frown on her face. She gets out of bed and pulls up her night dress when suddenly a spring noise is heard and there is a close up of a flaccid penis. The camera cuts back to Mimi who starts screaming loudly.


Regular Cast

Guest Cast


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