Sheldon's grave.

Sheldon was the first husband of Sheila Jackson, his existence and the details of his death were revealed in Series 3's eighth episode. When Sheila decided to have a conservatory built for her wedding to Frank Gallagher she suddenly snapped. She passionately refused to let the workmen dig up her patio for the new builds foundations, even telling them they can keep the £8000 she paid for their work but the honest builders told her they were going to finish. So Sheila took it further and began to violently swing a shovel at the work men until they finally left. The reason for Sheila's discomfort was revealed when she confessed to Frank that she had been married before Eddie Jackson, who everyone thought to be her only marriage, at the age of 16 she had married Sheldon. She told Frank that Sheldon had died of a heart attack but because of her agoraphobia she couldn't face a funeral and decided to bury him under the patio instead.


Sheila's way of ending the building work.

A spooked Frank told Kev and Veronica all about it at The Jockey and when Frank's shock lead to him drinking heavily, Veronica went to comfort her. Sheila told Veronica that Sheldon had died after falling down the stairs and that he had loved the garden so it seemed fitting to bury him there, she also mentioned that he wore a lot of gold jewelry. Veronica had recently learned that her last NHS paid IVF treatment had failed and saw Sheldon's jewelry as the perfect opportunity to make some money. She convinced Frank to help her dig Sheldon up after they drugged Sheila unconscious, they took his gold but they also discovered two Fondue skewers imbeded in his ribs. Realizing that Sheila had murdered Sheldon led to Frank becoming incredibly afraid of her, Lillian approached Frank in The Jockey the next day and told him her friend had seen him digging up the garden and asked him if he had moles Sheila began to realize what Frank had done. Frightened more than ever, Frank avoided Sheila as much as he could until she spoke to Veronica.

Sheila revealed that Sheldon had been abusive, turning on Sheila whenever he wanted and looking for any excuse to beat her. Sheldon was covered in gold jewelry and he used to heat up his golden medallion necklace and then burn Sheila with it. Sheila would have marks all over her body but when she tried to go to the Police they pretended they couldn't see them and would send her on her way with a Jawbreaker as domestic abuse cases were not taken seriously at the time.

Veronica assured Sheila that Sheldon deserved everything he got and that Frank would think so too if she told him. But Sheila was distraught at the idea of losing Frank and thought that it would please Frank if she turned herself in to the police, Veronica hurried to Frank and angrily tells him that he needed to stop Sheila ruining her life. Frank caught up with Sheila at the police station where she had almost admitted her crime, she told Frank that she thought the guilt of what she did to Sheldon may be why she was so unstable.

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