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Secret Relations is the fourteenth episode of the seventh series of Shameless.

Paddy and Mimi file for a divorce, but are enraged to discover that their marriage was never legal in the first place, as the priest whom married them was, in fact, not a member of the clergy at all. Mimi is concerned that none of her children were born in wedlock, so she forces Paddy to wed her again.

Micky meets someone at a gay nightclub who he initially thinks is an architect. But during a round of collections with Shane, Micky discovers that the young man from the nightclub works at a burgher-bar and has loaned money from the Maguires.

Frank discovers that Patty Croker is claiming social security under the names of a number of deceased persons. Frank blackmails her into giving him a percentage of the money she claims, but she reports Frank to the authorities for fraud.


. Narrator: Mimi Maguire.

. Final appearance of Paddy Maguire.

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