Save Chatsworth (2) is the second episode of the ninth series of Shameless. Just like the previous episode, it was a special of sorts with a length of just under an hour.


Desperate, the Chatsworth residents engineer a plan of action, scratching away at the facade of Operation New Start to discover the shocking real objective behind their presence.

Using this information to their advantage, the Chatsworth troops mobilise and the fightback for the estate begins in earnest.

Marty struggles with the notion of becoming a father again, while pregnant Kelly visits one of her oldest and most regular punters in hospital.

Meanwhile, Frank makes it clear that Carl is no longer a son of his, and with evictions and convictions continuing, everyone on the Chatsworth is expected to play a part in resistance tactics.

Elsewhere, a confused Gloria tries to remember who took advantage of her in the snug...

Post Credit Scene

The camera shows the unknown person in the pig mask, who attacked Carmen Kenaway earlier in the episode, spray painting a wall. The mask is removed to reveal that it is Chesney Karib as he backs away from the wall to survey his work. The camera turns around him to reveal the words "you are now entering free Chatsworth" before Chesney smiles and walks away carrying the ladder he used.


Regular Cast

Guest Cast


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