Roscoe was one of the biggest drug dealers in Moss Side and appeared in Series 7. When Paddy Maguire decided to move away from the Chatsworth Estate with his new girlfriend D'Reen he planned to hand over control of the Maguire Family business to his son's. However, Micky was the only one interested in taking control so Mimi forged a plan that she expected Paddy to carry out. She knew that Roscoe supplied a man named Macray with large quantities of Cocaine in return for a large amount of money and that a £150,000 deal was happening soon. She wanted Paddy to steal the money as a "retirement fund" for Mimi and a startup for their children but Paddy told her he had a truce with Roscoe based on a "Cold War doctrine of mutually assured destruction" since the two held a gun to each other's head. He also told her that he had kept Roscoe away from her and the boys but once they stole so much money from him he would come looking for them which spurred Mimi to suggest killing him.

Paddy agreed to the plan and set Micky and Shane to follow him around and listen to his phone calls. They did so and discovered Roscoe was gay when he went to a gay bar and while on the phone, saw skin through a "glory hole" that was actually Shane listening to his conversation and inserted his penis. The boys reported the time and location of the deal to Paddy but it was happening at the same time as Paddy's dancing competition with his girlfriend. Knowing Shane and Micky wouldn't be up to the job alone and being unwilling to break a promise to D'Reen, Paddy managed to convince Jamie to break his own promise of never getting involved with an illegal job for the family business again.

Micky phoned the police and reported a silver BMW was being stolen, giving the car's license plate and then broke into the car and waited for the police to arrive. When they got there he ran away on foot before getting onto a waiting bicycle and circled around to steal the Police car. Meanwhile, Roscoe had just finished his deal with Mcray's men and was sat in his car taking some of his own cocaine when Jamie and Shane arrived in the police car and dressed as officers of the law. They hand cuffed him to his own car door but Roscoe recognized Shane as someone he had seen before, he just didn't know where. Shane head butted him but Roscoe returned the favor and sent him to the floor with a bloody nose before punching Jamie to the floor and standing on his fingers to keep him there. He demanded they give him the hand cuff key but soon stopped when Micky sneaked up behind him and pressed a gun to his head, Jamie took the gun from Micky and sent him to get the money from the car. Roscoe began to threaten that when he found out who they were but Jamie interrupted him by saying "night night" and making to kill him but he struggled to pull the trigger and was stopped completely when sirens were heard nearby. Micky had been unaware that he needed to remove a tracking device from the police car but the boys escaped laughing.

Later at The Jockey Kelly realized that the cash was all fake, Macray had cheated Roscoe but he would never find out.

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