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Rodney Tyler is the only son of Brendan and Lillian Tyler, who appeared once in Episode 10 of Series 6. Rodney had been kicked out of the house fifteen years earlier by his mother and returned to the Chatsworth claiming to be homeless.

He told both his mother Lillian and Kelly Maguire different accounts of his life in the years since leaving the estate. Lillian was told that he worked on the Prime Minister's staff, while he told Kelly that he was a footman at Buckingham Palace. Later, the police arrived at Lillian's house looking for Rodney, revealing him to be a con-man sought for tricking various elderly women out of their life savings. Kelly claimed not to have seen him but told Lillian about the visit.

Lillian confronted her son and he prepared to leave the estate but Lillian made sure to give him some money before he left, much to Kelly's disgust. However, Lillian explained that the money was all counterfeit (which she had confiscated from a client before kicking him out), adding that she didn't agree with her son's behavior at all and hoped the money would get him arrested when he tried to use it.

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