Rita is the boss of Ian Gallagher. In the sixth season, over hearing about Ian's Bipolar Disorder, she wants to fire him as he has lied to her. But Ian tells her he could be of help whenever he has to save the bipolar patients as a fireman. Rita does not want to listen to him, but the other firemen support Ian. Rita gives up and does not fire Ian.

In the seventh season, Rita gets on well with Ian. Ian tells her that Caleb is going to meet an old friend and that friend is a she. Rita comforts him, by saying Caleb is gay. But that does not mean that she does not believe he is not going to cheat. According to her research, 1 out of 2 gay men are likely to cheat. Ian does not agree with her, though she is right about Caleb's cheating. Moreover, Caleb has cheated on Ian with a girl.

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