Reunited is the seventh episode of the seventh series of Shameless.


Libby Croker, Frank's current love interest, is released from prison and arrives on the Chatsworth Estate to find her love. However, Chesney and Joe think she is a DSS officer and warn the estate of her presence. Frank, not knowing it is Libby, misses every opportunity of being reunited with her. After spending the whole day trying to look for Frank, Libby gives up after a visit to the Gallagher house. Joe shows Frank CCTV footage of Libby, and Frank finally finds her at the community centre. After introducing her to his children and angering her mother Patty with their new relationship, Frank blows his chance when he steals money from a blind women, a friend of Libby's. After being persuaded by Carl, Frank saves his relationship with Libby and asks her to move in with him, which she does but not alone as her mother Patty invites herself along too.

Lillian buys a new HD Television for the Brothel's porn screenings and begins to hear voices through the static. Thinking it must be the dead sending messages from the other side, she begins to invite people over to deliver messages for them. Soon many people on the estate arrive to hear their fortunes, including Mimi and a scared Micky who hope to hear from Mandy and a "Dead Celebrity" theme party is thrown at The Jockey. However a skeptical Kelly remains unconvinced throughout the whole thing and when Lillian's latest messages bear a striking resemblance to recent story lines of soap operas she solves the mystery and finds Lillian has left her old TV aerial plugged in.


Jamie's new job working as an escort for Michelle begins to make Karen and Paddy suspicious. Jamie himself begins to feel differently about his new profession when Michelle reveals she has strong feelings for him and believes that he loves her. Jamie angrily denies such feelings and tells a hurt Michelle that the only reason he has anything to do with her is the money. Perhaps angered by Jamie's remarks, Michelle circulates new advertisements for her business, cards featuring a topless Jamie. Jamie soon sees the cards scattered around and pays Carl Gallagher to retrieve them all, then burns them. This leads to Paddy interrogating the truth about Jamie's secret from Carl however, and Paddy books an appointment with Jamie through the escort agency to confront him. Jamie reacts badly to his father's interference, hitting him in the face and storming off, but it leads to him quitting the job. He counters Michelle's angry threats to reveal all to Karen by attempting to tell her himself, but a worried Karen assumes he's about to announce that he is leaving her and flees without allowing him to speak. Michelle later arrives at The Jockey to tell Jamie that though there are plenty of men willing to take over his job, there are none qualified so demands he help in the search for his replacement. Jamie chooses Carl and after a thorough inspection of his naked body, Michelle happily accepts him for the job.

Post Credit Scene

Lillian is seen sat in her living room watching television while dressed for bed. She turns it off then makes her way to the stairs but stops as the TV turns itself on to static and a wind begins to blow around the room. Lillian makes her way, open mouthed to the TV as a voice is heard calling her name and sits down right in front of it. Suddenly a scream is heard and an arm made of static extends from the TV and tries to grab Lillian who gasps in fear and backs away. This is a call back to earlier in the episode when Lillian was convinced she was speaking to the dead through her new TV and is also a reference to the movies Poltergeist and possibly White Noise.


Regular Cast

Guest Cast


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