"Requiem For a Slut" is the twelfth and the final episode of Season 7 of Shameless US. It aired on December 18, 2016 with an attraction of 1.72 million viewers.


The Gallagher family finds out at the local hospital that Monica did indeed pass away as they arrange a funeral for her and express their indifference towards her (with the exception of Frank); Monica is also revealed to have left a group of belongings including a unique inheritance of 70,000 dollars in the form of methamphetamine. The family resume their lives including those who venture on into new scenarios and enter new beginnings: Fiona becomes the owner of a apartment building, Debbie attends welding classes including pursuing a new love interest, Ian confesses to Trevor over his encounter with Mickey as both question their relationship future, Lip continues to attend A.A meetings and ponders his future, and Carl returns for Monica's funeral from military school as a complete changed young man.

Post Credit Scene

Lip, Fiona, and Frank breaking the fourth wall with Lip saying that the season is over and repeatedly tells you to leave, similar to the ending of Ferris Bueller.