Powerless is the eleventh episode of the sixth series of Shameless.

Jamie discovers that Joe has been hitting Mandy, leading to a violent confrontation at The Jockey that leaves Joe Pritchard in a coma. Before the police arrive, Mimi volunteers to take the blame for the assault, so that Jamie won't be charged GBH.

Mimi reveals to Paddy that she knows that he was having an affair. Without Mimi, Paddy struggles to conceal his heroine addiction from the rest of his family.

With both parents indisposed, Jamie is reluctantly drawn into taking charge of the family business, when he realizes the true ineptitude of both Shane and Micky in doing collections.

Mandy, despite the abuse from her boyfriend, spends much of her time at Joe's bedside, and resents Jamie for his intervention.

Money is tight at the Gallagher house, so Maxine decides to teach Debbie how to go clubbing on less than ten pounds.


. Narrator: Jamie Maguire. This is the first episode narrated by him.

. Frank, who volunteers to fill in for Carl during a local football match, reveals himself to be highly-skilled at the game early in the episode, surprising his team-mates.

. First appearance of Frintham Women's Prison, which will also witness the incarcerations in the following series of both Libby Croker and Nin Gallagher (Frank's grandmother).

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