Other Paddy is the second episode of the fifth series of Shameless. It centre's on trouble in Paddy and Mimi Maguire's marriage.


Paddy is awaiting the arrival of Paddy Smith, Mimi's ex-boyfriend and his business rival. Mimi comes along to the meeting hoping she will help clinch the deal with Paddy. However, Paddy makes fun of her weight not realizing that it's her. Mimi takes this to heart and begins fearing that she is driving Paddy away because of her weight problems. When Paddy tries to comfort her about her feelings, he is thrown out of the house. Realising Paddy Smith is the cause of the problems in his marriage, Paddy kidnaps him and threatens to kill him for the sake of his marriage but after a showdown with Paddy Smith, Paddy and Mimi are reunited.

Micky has taken a loan from his father to pay for a new car but he ends up buying a pink limo as a safe place to have sex. However, Micky is unable to pay Paddy his money and fears that his father will break his legs. Mandy comes to his rescue when she makes a deal with Paddy.

Meanwhile, Frank saves Paddy from choking on a peanut and uses this to get free drinks out of him. Carl is far from happy when Ian begins dating his teacher. Debbie fears that Monica is trying to steal her bedroom. Norma is depressed because she is still living in the Gallaghers camper van, so she tries to make it more homely. Paddy buys Mimi a dog to make up for recent events, But Shane's snake eats it.

Post Credit Scene

Micky is seen sat in his new limo with a class of champaigne while the bottle cools in a bucket of ice next to him. He is talking to a man sat opposite him whose face cannot be seen. Micky says that he is the first person he has had in there and in fact he hasn't been with anyone for a while so is quite desperate for sex. The camera moves revealing Mr Scott, Carl's teacher who Ian had been dating in the episode. Mr Scott suggests they "make something of it" as he removed his shirt to reveal that he is covered in a thick layer of hair. Micky looks shocked and faintly disgusted as Mr Scott approaches him and begins removing his clothes. Micky holds his arms out, unable to even touch him as he asks if he has homework to mark before pointing out it's a school day tomorrow. However he seems less bothered as Mr Scott appears to be felating him but continues to point out that there are long holidays to plan. The camera cuts to the limo parked outside as Micky is heard saying "go on, get it down ya". As the scene ends loud monkey noises can be heard. This is continuation of the end of the episode where Ian remarks that Mr Scott was as hairy as a gibbon.


Regular Cast

Guest Cast



Paddy: Start the twat mobile twat man!
Mandy: I'll help mum, you can lose weight.
Mimi: I don't want to stop drinking, or eating, or do any exercise.
Mimi: I'll never be thin, never be desirable again. I've got to face what I am, 
I'm a bulimic who can't stand vomit.
Mandy: We can try.
Mimi: No Mandy love, I am fat. I'm a fat fuck. I'm a fucking fat fucker.
Monica: Debbie, I've just been in your room and I couldn't help but noticing your 
Debbie: You think your getting my room? Just try it, because your first night 
will be your last, I'll slit your throat! Your never sleeping in my room, YOUR 
Monica: I couldn't help noticing that your bed was broken so I had thought we 
could get you a new one out of the catalogue because I've already ordered you 
your new curtains.
Debbie: So you don't want my room?
Monica: No.
Debbie: Oh. Ok then, I'll have a new bed ta.

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