Paddy Smith, often referred to as 'Other Paddy' is an ex-partner of Mimi Maguire and a long-time business partner turned rival of Patrick Maguire. He is seen once in Episode 2 of Series 5.

Paddy visited the Chatsworth Estate to see Paddy after being released from a five year prison stretch. Paddy cautiously went to meet his wife's ex-boyfriend due to, as he told his son's, Other Paddy not being the kind of man you say no to.

After casually mentioning that he thought men of their age could do ten years in prison quite easily, Other Paddy saw Paddy's worry and consoled him by saying he didn't want him to go to prison for him. Other Paddy went on to say that what he had missed more than anything while inside was "filthy women" and became excited when he thought Paddy had a woman waiting inside The Jockey for him.

Mimi had become excited when she found out Other Paddy would be visiting and got herself dressed up to bump into him the bar and help her husband with any deals, thinking her past with Other Paddy would be a help. Noticing Mimi sat at the bar, but not realizing who she was, Other Paddy louds exclaimed that he hoped she wasn't the woman Paddy had arranged for him and insulted her weight. Mimi turned to face him and he quickly recognized her and tried to apologize but she just looked at him before leaving, noting that her husband said nothing to stand up for her.

Later Paddy tried to comfort her at home, angrily calling Other Paddy every name under the sun for saying what he did but for being too formidable to chastise. Mimi had become horribly depressed about her weight however, something that seemed to have been in the back of her mind waiting for an excuse to drag her down. She threw her husband out after refusing to believe his pleas that the only reason he couldn't have sex with her is because of his hernia. She then spent the day being comforted by Mandy and turning down any of her ideas for losing weight.

Paddy meanwhile decided to get Mimi a present to make up for the situatuion, a present that turned out to be a bound and gagged Other Paddy. Paddy offered to do anything Mimi wanted to Other Paddy but she was utterly shocked that he would do something so stupid and pointed out that her problem was with their marriage and not with what Other Paddy had said.

Paddy left Other Paddy bound in an abandoned warehouse but Mimi returned and sat down to speak with him. Other Paddy warned that if he didn't leave soon people would come looking for him and there would be some truly sick violence, but if Mimi released him he could guarantee nothing would come of it due to the relationship they once had.

Other Paddy pleaded with Mimi to remember the time they had together and to trust him but she pointed out that she could remember how much of a liar he was. He quickly changed from pleading to insulting as he told her that was her last chance to save Paddy. Mimi angrily gagged him again and left him there.

She returned home where she collected a handgun and told a worried and confused Mandy that she had messed up but found a way to fix it and may be going away for a while. Shane warned Paddy that Mimi had gone missing with a gun and he needed to go find her in case she was plotting suicide.

Mimi returned to a still bound and gagged Other Paddy and pointed the gun at him, explaining that if she killed him and owned up to it blaming the fact he screwed her over years previous, Paddy could move on without her. However as she went to shoot, her husband Paddy entered and warned her to put the gun down. Warning that if she shot Other Paddy he would be an accessory and that he didn't care that she was carrying extra weight because he fancied her. Paddy and Mimi patched up their problems but realized they had a problem with Other Paddy.

Noting that the gun had been used to "what the ear off a security guard" recently, after Other Paddy's release, they made him fire it without any bullets in it and after wiping Mimi's prints away. They kept the gun as insurance as Paddy pointed out they were in trouble if they killed him and in trouble if they didn't.

As Other Paddy got up to leave, Paddy asked what he had come to Chatsworth to ask him in the first place and Other Paddy explained he was retiring to Cyprus and was going to offer to sell him the remainder of his patch to go with the ones Paddy had already stolen. Remarking that he thought he'd ask someone else now, he left.

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