Open to All is the third episode of the ninth series of Shameless. With the exception of the opening credits, it was notable for being the first Shameless episode that does not feature Frank Gallagher, or any other Gallagher.


Mimi worries that she can't be everything that Billy needs so proposes an open marriage, which he reluctantly accepts.

While everyone thinks Kelly is coping with losing the baby, Marty is worried - he can see that she's refusing to grieve and is spinning out of control.

At a funeral, Patty finds herself under scrutiny from the deceased's son, Alan, who believes she is an old friend of the mother he never knew.

Post Credit Scene

The camera stays on the face of a shocked looking Gloria while the noise of something being eaten can be heard. Suddenly the peeling of a satsuma falls to the table in front of her and the camera cuts to Milo, the man Gloria and Mimi met at a club earlier in the episode, as he says "and that is how one peels a Satsuma, using only the tongue". Gloria struggles to tell him that they have to go upstairs right then, Milo reminds her the night is young but Gloria warns "I am so wet I might slip off my chair" before lunging at him.


Regular Cast

Guest Cast

  • Marcus Garvey - Alan
  • Paddy C. Courtney - Milo
  • Helen Kay - Interviewer


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