Old Friends, New Enemies is the tenth episode of the fifth series of Shameless.


Mark, a former cellmate of Jamie Maguire, drops in unannounced at The Jockey in the middle of the night. Karen takes an instant dislike to him, fearing he will tempt Jamie back to his old ways and sure enough an innocent trip to the post office turns into a police chase for Jamie and Mark.

Carl's GCSE results don't look very promising. Frustrated, Carl nearly gets into a fight with Paddy Maguire, who quickly sees that he could make money off Carl performing in the (notoriously rigged) amateur boxing championships.

Norma is asked out on a date by Shaza Karib, Yvonne's sister-in-law. However a night out at The Jockey is ruined by a protective Monica's intervention.

Yvonne is outraged when her daughter, Meena gets engaged to a medical student in Islamabad, Pakistan without seeking her consent.

Post Credit Scene

Carl is seen practicing his punching strikes while wearing on his underwear in his bedroom mirror. He accidentally punches the mirror and stumbles away, crying out in pain. He stops by the bedroom door hunched over then shouts out "shit" as someone opens the door from the other side, hitting him over and knocking him out cold. The person opening the door is revealed to be Liam who looks down at an unconscious Carl and begins loudly counting from 4 upward. Carl opens his eyes slightly, unfocused before slowly passing out again as Liam reaches 10 and shouts "ladies and gentlemen, he's out!" and the sound of a bell is heard.


Regular Cast

Secondary Cast


  • Narrator: Norma Starkey.
  • Jamie recalls almost being beaten to death during his first year in prison.
  • Karen makes her first forray into Maguire related violence.


Paddy: Catholic Boys Club. Don't let the name put you off, the only buggering 
that goes on in here is in the ring.
Carl: This is my chance. Show Paddy, show them all, that the Chatsworth Pounder 
doesn't go down.
Ian: The Chatsworth Pounder?
Carl: Don't you like it?
Ian: You sound like a gay porn star.

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