Nowhere to Go is the sixth episode of the fifth series of Shameless.


Ian warns Micky that Paddy is approaching when he notices him swapping sexual favors with a man in his parked limo. Ian hurries him out of the car, passing him a bag he assumes belongs to him but Micky soon reveals that it contained £20,000 worth of drugs belonging to Paddy. Ian is then forced to help Micky track the bag and it's contents down and retrieve them before Paddy finds out, a task complicated when it turns out the man sold it to two very large and formidable local drug dealers.

Katie almost swallows what is presumed to be Ecstasy from an unconscious Frank's pocket but is forced to spit them out just in time by Mandy. Paramedics are called while Mandy and Frank almost come to blows and though the pills are revealed to have been only mints, everyone is still disgusted with Frank and he leaves out of anger, refusing to return until he receives an apology.

Carl teases Liam by telling him that he alone will be responsible for Monica's baby when it is born, causing Liam to run away and spend some unusual quality time with his father.

Paddy discovers that not only does Shane have a tab at Lillian's Brothel but it amounts to £3000. Thinking that Kelly must be using Shane for money he gives her £3000 in cash and order her to leave the estate under threat of violence.

Post Credit Scene

Micky is seen sneaking into his parent's bedroom again. He quitely opens the top dresser draw, pulls apart a pair of socks and reveals a bundle of money hidden inside. He grabs a £10 and puts it in his mouth as he dives under the bed due to hearing his mother and father's voices close outside. The camera remains on Micky under the bed as Paddy and Mimi are heard jumping on it, creating a bulge in the matress that almost squashes Micky as they giggle and make pig noises, obviously having sex.


Regular Cast

Secondary Cast



Micky: What?
Ian: Just wondering how you ever manage to pull.
Micky: Skin tight top works every time. Eh we should go out together on the pull, 
as a team like. Pull anywhere me, I've got perfect erm, uh, what do you call it? 
Gay spotting vision thing. Right watch this. Right well he's not, he's not, 
he's definitely not, he's not.
Liam: Have you got any E's?
Frank: No. Have you?
Liam: No. Could I have some if you did?
Frank: Not 'til your 12 son, not 'til your 12.

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