Norman Owens was the sexually adventurous nudist who had a brief relationship with Carol Fisher in Series 3. He amused and repulsed the Gallaghers by eating meals completely nude, something he convinced Carol to try once. He later took her to an outdoor location where people were having public sex in the hope of joining in with Carol, but she was disgusted with him and refused. He later brought her flowers and told her that he was sorry but that he was a "sexual being" and asking him to change would be impossible. She agreed to continue their relationship on the agreement that they only have sex in her bedroom. This didn't last long however when Veronica, Marty, Sue and the Gallaghers heard her screaming and, while Marty chased down a naked, fleeing Norman, the others went to check on her. They found her wrapped in a blanket and sobbing before she eventually explained he had urinated on her during sex - something that caused the younger Gallaghers great amusement.

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