Noel Maguire is the identical twin brother of Paddy Maguire, seen only in Episode 11 of Series 5. Noel is the complete opposite of Paddy in terms of personality, being a soft-spoken, mild-mannered intellectual and also, much to Paddy's embarrassment, a homosexual.

After some twenty years of not speaking to each other, Paddy is forced to contact Noel after Paddy's face is caught on camera during the robbery of a local chemist. As the authorities were unaware of Paddy's background, they did not know about Noel's existence, so Paddy and Mimi thought he could stay in the cells while Noel, posing as Paddy, would stage another robbery, causing "reasonable doubt" towards Paddy's guilt. When they finally got Noel to agree to this, after Paddy promised to give Noel away at his wedding to a long-term partner named Lionel, they rehearsed for the next robbery in the living room, but to Paddy's annoyance, Noel displayed no enthusiasm. Noel then suggested that he would pretend to be Paddy while in police custody, while Paddy would lead the latest robbery as before.

The morning following the incident the charges were dropped, and Noel afterward told Paddy that he changed his mind about the wedding. Shortly, Paddy learned from Stan Waterman that he was filmed in the cells giving oral sex to one of the male officers. This act of revenge sent Paddy into a rage.

Noel revealed that Paddy discovered he was gay by catching him having sex with another man. He responded by violently attacking Noel and told him he never wanted to see him again. Noel claimed that he and Paddy had stopped getting along before Paddy discovered that he was gay and that Paddy used it as an excuse to formalize the break.

Noel was also aware that his nephew Micky was gay, easily guessing after seeing Micky's limo and its many comforts. However, he reassured Micky; saying "Relax, I'm not outing anyone".


  • As Paddy Maguire's twin, Noel was of course portrayed by Sean Gilder. However he was credited as being portrayed by Neil Grades, which is an anagram of Sean Gilder.
  • In the DVD commentary for Episode 11 of Series 5, Sean Gilder, who portrayed Paddy and Noel Maguire, reveals that he was born as a twin, only for his sibling to come out the womb stillborn. He cited this as one reason for his interest in the storyline involving Paddy's twin brother.
  • Following a trend in Shameless (Ian and Monica Gallagher as well as Ian and Sean Bennett, Kash and Shaza Karib etc.), Noel is not the only homosexual in his family; his nephew Micky is also gay.

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