No-One's Perfect is the fourth episode of the eleventh and final series of Shameless.


Jamie discovers that Kassi's life is not as perfect as it appears when the police arrive to raid his house. After being released from custody, Kassi is still reluctant to tell Jamie of his troubles, but asks him to find the Blancos a place to stay in Chatsworth until they can move to France.

Jamie forces Kelly and Marty to leave 4 Windsor Gardens so Kassi can move his family in. However the couples big plans for the money they stole from Lillian are destroyed before they can begin. Kelly attempts to explain her action to an uncaring Lillian before leaving the Chatsworth to start a new life with Marty.

Kassi and Esther make an odd friend in the form of Frank, whom they find lying drunk on a mattress in one of the bedrooms of their new house. While their children, Tam, Thalia and Saul, make friends with Billy, Aidan and Stella.

Mimi, however, is less than thrilled with her new neighbours. Jamie persuades his mother to have dinner with the Blanco's, while at the same time, Kassi's financial troubles get the better of him, and Jamie follows him to prevent his half-sibling from any rash action.

Elsewhere, Shane's new sexual relationship with Sergeant Randall is discovered by Jamie.

Post Credit Scene

Lillian spins around incredibly fast and is suddenly dressed as Wonder Woman. Through a series of close up shots she is seen putting on a pair of protective plastic goggles and pulling her top up over her breasts. She is revealed to also be wearing a helmet and roller skates as she strikes a pose. Aidan shouts "are you ready?" and is then seen pushing Lillian, who is laying flat in the style of flying, on a cart into a pile of boxes and rubbish.


Regular Cast

Guest Cast

  • Tim Beasley - DCI Morgan
  • Ged Forrest - Giro Jack



Sergeant Randall: We're looking for Doctor Martin Fisher and Kelly Ball.
Stella: Wrong house love.
Sergeant Randall: Mind if we have a look around?
Stella: Got a warrant?

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