"Nin" Gallagher is the grandmother of Frank Gallagher, and the likely mother of Neville, Frank's father. Nin is an eighty-something woman who appears only once in Episode 1 of Series 7.

Nin was married to a mentally-disabled and morbidly obese man named Jonty, who was roughly twenty years her junior and was implied to have suffered brain-damage within six months of getting married to Nin. Jonty was shot dead by his wife, whom tired of caring for him and thought that she would be better-cared for in her old age at Frintham Women's Prison.

Frank was an eternal source of disappointment for Nin, though she did not nearly despise him as much as Neville did. Frank claims to have moved in with Nin to get away from his father after his own mother died. Nin gave money to Frank when she learned about his latest love-interest (Libby) in return for being her witness to Jonty's death. Though in comparison, she was fond of her great-grandchildren by Frank, especially Liam, whom she doted on and described as "full of promise". She sent Liam out of the living room on the pretext of performing a small errand for her, just before she shot Jonty in the back.

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