My Name Is Avril is the fifteenth episode of the eighth series of Shameless.


Avril is busy keeping secrets from her family; with no job and no money, but always a gift to hand, something doesn't quite add up.

Mimi has designs on fit jogger Neil, but he's unsure of her advances - because he only wants sex. Mimi is keen to spice up her sex life, but Karen raises concerns about Neil's calorific role-play.

When 12-year-old Bean tries to shoplift, Chesney phones her dad, Gorky, who is Chesney's delivery driver, but Chesney soon becomes concerned for Bean's welfare and decides to try and rescue her.

And the law finally catches up with Avril when a bailiff arrives; she breaks down and confesses her recent crimes, leaving Jackson gobsmacked. Will he and Letitia promise to support her and help pay back all the money she owes?

Post Credit Scene

Avril and Jackson Powell are sat in their bed, half naked and smoking. Jackson asks "100 quid? Your good but..." before Avril interrupts him and says "that's it, I'm calling my pimp". The camera then cuts to Avril and Lillian standing at the foot of the bed, Lillian is pointing a pistol at Jackson and wearing a stereotypical pimp costume complete with zebra print and large rimmed fedora hat. Jackson looks worried and says "there's role play and then there's..." but Lillian sternly tells him "any more shit from you mother fucker and I'll pop a cap in your goddamn ass", Jackson raises his hands in surrender while Avril thanks her "pimp". This is an obvious call back to Avril's short career in the Brothel earlier in the episode.


Regular Cast

Guest Cast

  • Donna Dowd - Postwoman
  • Kerrie Hayes - Bex
  • James Weaver - Gorky
  • David MacCreedy - Neil
  • Jenny Holmes - Bean


  • Narrator: Avril Powell
  • Avril's time travel after being hit by a car is a reference to hit TV show Life on Mars, where a police man is hit by a car and finds himself in 1973.

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