Moving Back is the nineteenth episode of the eighth series of Shameless.


Aidan throws a brick through a window while on a motor bike and ends up getting arrested. He is given an electronic tag and a curfew, though he quickly removes it afterward. Both Frank and Patty come down hard on him but only because of their fear of having to pay a fine. Carl sees the hard time that Aidan is having and sticks up for him and the two forge a bond. Aidan doesn't care about the trouble at first as his mother, Sinnead's release date is approaching. Aidan is upset to learn that his mother was actually released two months previously, however he perks up when Carl lets slip that Frank and Patty wouldn't do anything to lose him as they get child benefits for him. Aidan sees this as a blank cheque to do whatever he wants and throws a wild party in the house where he shows his power by threatening to get himself put into foster care if Patty and Frank stop him.

Mimi's worst nightmare comes true when she stops to speak to someone in the high street and finds baby Cilla has been taken from her pram. She tearfully sits with a security guard to watch the CCTV footage and is shocked to realize that Billy Tutton, a teenager she had an affair with was the one who took Cilla. She eventually meets up with Billy to retrieve Cilla and after violently punishing him for his actions, the two begin to come to an agreement. Mimi is forced to admit to her children that 16 year old Billy is Cilla father, meaning he was 14 at the time. After many arguments, confusion from Mimi and violence from the Maguire boys Mimi decides that Billy is moving into the Maguire house no matter what her sons think.

Aidan manages to track down his mother and she happily tells him how she has been off drugs for a year but soon runs out of the flat leaving a crying Aidan behind. She later returns with Patty, who tells Sinnead that she isn't going to take Aidan home as he needs his mother. Aidan is only briefly happy however as Sinnead quickly replies that he would have to go into foster care if that was the case and goes on to blame his existence for all her drug problems. A distraught Aidan leaves with Patty, telling his mother that he loves her as he goes.

Frank pays a homeless Polish man named Poley in food in exchange for him fixing the boiler. He later takes Poley as a lodger and invites him to live in Aidan's room much to Aidan's disgust. Poley is soon found dead by a scared Aidan however, who thinks his laxative spiked stew is to blame. Aidan also finds Carl unconscious and drags him out of the house, saving his life as Poley's incompetent work on the boiler is revealed to be the cause. Micky helps Marty make their squat livable so he can see his children but soon realizes the attraction between Kelly and Marty.

Post Credit Scene

Micky and Marty stand together in their flat and Micky says that the ultimate test of their trust would be if Marty picks him up like Patrick Swayze does in the movie Dirty Dancing. Micky runs at Marty and jumps for him to lift him but Marty misses and Micky falls flat on the floor. Marty says "sorry" but his Tourette's Syndrome forces him to shout "no I'm not".


Regular Cast

Guest Cast


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