Missing is the second episode of the eighth series of Shameless. It featured the departure of Liam Gallagher.


Frank is still AWOL and Libby is distraught that Monica is demanding custody of Stella and Liam. In another drug-fuelled dimension Frank has regenerated into Chatsworth's very own Time Lord as he battles to return home.

Meanwhile, Mimi realises her mistake in promoting Shane to head the family business while she is in hospital. And Karen is keen to move forward as a family in couples' counselling, but can Jamie forgive and forget?

Post Credit Scene

Patty is shown lying in bed with the blankets up to her chin, moaning loudly while a loud buzzing can be heard coming from under her bedding. The camera cuts to Avril and Jackson Powell in their house next door looking disgusted as they staple empty egg boxes to the wall as a form of sound proofing. The camera cuts back to Patty as her moaning reaches a higher pitch then stops, she smiles happily then produces an electric tooth brush from the covers and leaves it on her bed side table as Carl can be heard loudly asking if anyone has seen his tooth brush. This is a call back to the Powell's spiking Patty earlier in the episode as well as Carl asking if anyone has been using his toothbrush as he uses it himself.


Regular Cast

Guest Cast

  • Annabelle Apsion - Monica Gallagher
  • Simon Holland Roberts - Huw
  • Marvin Brown - Mitch
  • Elaine Mackenzie Ellis - Jo


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