Miscarriage of Marriage is the fifth episode of the sixth series of Shameless.


Karen suffers from stomach cramps that turn out to be early signs of a miscarriage. The whole Maguire family chip in and do their part to make things easier for Jamie and Karen when they return from the hospital, with Shane in particular sympathising with them after Kelly's recent phantom pregnancy. However Mimi and Paddy hold a funeral for the miscarried child, a step too far in Karen and Jamie's eyes.

Debbie enters Liam into a modelling competition and as the family prepare for the trip to Blackpool for the photo shoot, they try to keep it a secret from Monica. However Monica figures something is going on and get's the truth out of her family through the use of threats, forcing them to take her along with them. However Monica becomes offended when it is revealed that Liam is to be playing the part of an abused child, a role the producers feel Liam has the perfect face for.

Carl begins making a list of the estates women along with a score for their performance in bed and physical attractiveness. Only Maxine is offended that he hasn't listed her and drags him into The Jockey toilets to prove her talents. This backfires however when Carl notices that he is part of a tally on the toilet cubicle wall.

Tom takes the prank war with Stan too far when he makes it appear that he has been hung. Carrie is disgusted when she realizes just how this has affected Stan, who appears to have a nervous breakdown. However, all is not as it seems.

Post Credit Scene

The James Bond theme plays as Jamie is seen inside a white circle, pointing a gun while wearing only a pair of briefs and a gun holster. He points a gun at the camera as a gun shot is heard and the circle fills with a dripping red blood effect. Micky is seen for a split second against a green background, before the camera retuns to Jamie. The James Bond opening style small white circle trail across the screen before a larger circle widens to reveal Chesney pointing a gun. He fires it and Tom appears, wearing only his police hat and point a trunction like a gun. Carl is seen next, posing and pointing his fingers in a gun shape at the camera. He is then followed by Micky, who makes thrusting motions while smiling at the camera. Shane follows, doing similar movements, the camera goes back to Micky as he dances. Finally, as the music comes to an end, a rather hairy Stan appears and smiles at the camera before turning around and beginning to pull down his leopard print underwear. Suddenly Frank wakes up on the sofa in the Gallagher living room and gasps.


Regular Cast

Guest Cast



Mayday: Now, what's on offer?
Micky: I'm packing 8, and we're talking imperial not metric if you catch my drift.
Carl: Sexiest women on the estate.
Kelly: I only made it to number 17?!
Maxine: It's all down to points apparently. Face, tits, arse, legs
Shane: Yeah, my Kelly's got all of them.
Carl: What do you mark the blokes out of then, personality, intelligence?
Kelly: Length, girth, stamina. If you must know.
Maxine: Which is the reason why my little black book is so fucking empty.

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