Mike Pratt is a former main character. He is Fiona's corporate boss and boyfriend in Season 4. When Fiona began working at World Wide Cup, Mike was constantly teasingly flirting with her in a friendly way, but seemed completely envious when he saw Jimmy, Fiona's boyfriend at the time, at a company softball game. Mike later asks Fiona if she would like to go on a camping trip with him. He realizes that it sounded not the way e intended and says that she should invite her entire family, and Jimmy. She says yes and only brings Liam and Debbie, after getting into a fight with Jimmy about him moving into a studio apartment in Michigan. When she goes on the camping trip, she spends most of her time talking and drinking with Mike. He soon asks if Fiona was a 'gentleman' and when she says o and asks why, he responds that he is 'way to drunk to not invite you to my tent.' they are later shown about to have sex when Fiona stops them. He tells her that she is using him for revenge and Fiona tells him about the argument with Steve and he lets her rant about it. Then he shows her a tattoo that he has saying Eve on it. Eve is the name of his ex wife and he tells her that he is going to change it to something different and they start joking around about what he can change is to. They began dating shortly after Jimmy's disappearance. He is good-natured, responsible, and desires trust and honesty, which Fiona enjoys but finds a little tedious over time but they end their relationship after Fiona has an affair with his brother, Robbie. Despite this, Mike bails Fiona out of jail following her arrest for Liam ingesting cocaine having been called by Carl. However, Mike makes it clear he wants nothing more to do with Fiona after this.