Maguire Meltdown is the ninth episode of the eighth series of Shameless.


Mimi's insomnia is causing real life and dreams to merge and she becomes consumed with paranoia and ghosts. When Cilla ends up in hospital, Mimi accuses Shane and Kelly of trying to kill her.

It takes an angelic face from the past to help Mini overcome her insomnia and reconnect with her daughter. Meanwhile, Shane and Kelly are out in the cold.

Bonnie, the new girl at the Brothel, proves a hit when her innovative ideas to improve the business are a success. Lillian is so taken by Bonnie that a special mother-daughter bond is forged, but Kelly smells a rat.

Post Credit Scene

Kelly is seen in her Myra Hindley outfit from earlier in the episode as she creeps into Cilla's bedroom. She stands over the crib and suddenly makes violent stabbing movements into it with an insane look on her face before the camera reveals that inside the crib is now a bag of mashed potatoes and Kelly has a masher in her hand. This a both a reference to the earlier clip of Kelly dressed as the child killer and Mimi taking a bag of potatoes to the park and leaving Cilla in a kitchen cupboard in her sleep deprived state earlier in the episode.


Regular Cast

Guest Cast


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