Loving Wife is the fourth episode of the sixth series of Shameless.


Monica is feeling neglected when her sexual advances are rejected by Frank, and she's determined to get her groove back. Can a hypnotist night at The Jockey be the answer to her problems?

Carl's new job leads to a sexy encounter. However, he begins to worry when he experiences pain passing water. Diagnosed with an STI, Carl embarks on a mission to inform all his past sexual conquests.

Meanwhile, the Maguires are outraged when they discover that the grave of their son Fergal has been desecrated. Paddy sets out to catch the culprits, but a female stranger catches his attention instead...

Mandy gets body conscious when Karen offers a bikini wax after overhearing how Mandy's new boyfriend, Joe, hates hairy women.

Elsewhere, Micky's relationship with the married couple hits a brick wall when he discovers the true sexuality of the husband; and Jamie's dirty text to Karen goes awry when it is sent to the wrong mobile. But who is the recipient?

Post Credit Scene

Carl is seen taking a huge pile of condoms from a clinic. The receptionist asks "enough?" To which Carl replies "I'm doubling up from now on".


Regular Cast

Guest Cast

  • Alana and Anabelle Crampton - Baby Stella Gallagher
  • John Lyons - Delivery Guy
  • Holly Quin-Ankrah - Geena
  • Julia Ford - Maureen
  • Jonathan Lewis Owen - Ady
  • Andrea Lowe - Zeta
  • Lyndsay Smith - Receptionist
  • Chris Barlow - Peter
  • Damien Di Soto - Jake Canuso
  • Melanie Clare - April


  • Narrator: Monica Gallagher
  • The Jockey holds a hypnotist performance, which ends in Monica having sex with the hypnotist in the Jockey toilets before his wife shows up.
  • Monica meets responds to two Jehovah's Witnesses by telling them her son Liam's soul is "up for grabs" before leaving them with Liam and Stella so she could go to The Jockey.

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