Lillian Tyler is portrayed by Alice Barry and first appeared in the Christmas Special that began Series 2 of Shameless. It was stated in the commentary for Episode 204 that Alice Barry was originally meant to appear in a cut scene from Series 1 as a nun. When she eventually appeared as Lillian, the character was meant to be just a minor fixture but she proved such a popular character she was developed into one of the shows most recognizable faces.

Lillian quickly became so prevalent that she appeared in almost every episode, and beginning with Series 8 she was present in every episode without fail.

Series 2 - 2005

Series 3 - 2006

Series 4 - 2007

Series 5 - 2008

Series 6 - 2009

Series 7 - 2010

Series 8 - 2011

Series 9 - 2012

Series 10 - 2012

Series 11 - 2013

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