Like Father, Like Daughter is the third episode of season 4 of the US version of Shameless.


Frank stalks his previously unseen daughter Sammi and is surprised to learn that she has a son. Meanwhile, Fiona and Mike get serious; and Carl steals dogs and holds them for ransom, so he can earn some drug money for Frank. Sheila has her first successful online date with a Native American cowboy named Roger Running Tree.




Regular Cast

Special Guest Star

Guest Cast


  • Frank bonds with his daughter Sammi, but she hits on him.
  • Carl is kidnapping dogs for ransom.
  • Debbie throws herself at her boyfriend, but he resists.
  • Sheila meets a Native American guy on a dating site.
  • Fiona meets and sleeps with Mike's brother.


Carl:What happened to the ghetto nurse?
V:She became a capitalist.

Frank:Get hard drugs, make daddy proud.

Frank:Wow so that’s my daughter, she’s kind of beautiful.
Carl:She looks like you in skank form.
Frank:Thank you son.



This episode was viewed by 1.83 million people.

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