Lazarus is the twelfth and finale episode of the Season 4 of the US version of Shameless.


Sheila fights for custody of the Native American children she adopted and fights with Sammi about where they will all live once Frank is released from the hospital; Fiona passes a drug test, and she is released from jail; Bonnie breaks Carl’s heart. Season finale.




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  • Sheila and Sammi fight over their places in Frank's future.
  • Frank starts to feel like his old self.
  • Fiona gets released from prison early and starts a new job.
  • The family realizes that Ian is probably bi-polar.
  • Lip and his new girlfriend move forward.
  • Jimmy/Steve is alive! *and is now going by the name Jack*


Sheila:I'm the one he's chosen to spend his life with. You're just one lucky sperm.

Lip:Jesus guys, it's 90 days in country club jail. It's not Guantanamo. She's probably learning a useful trade and brushing up on her Spanish.

Debbie:Nobody's gonna roll me. I carry pepper spray and a shiv.

Kev:Mickey, have a seat, man. Nobody give a shit who you bang.

Mickey:We're taking care of him here. You, me, us. He's f**king family.

Frank:What's the point of getting a new liver if the damn thing won't do what it's designed to do?

Some girl:Are you gonna go inside?
Jack/Jimmy:No. Not tonight. Come on, let's go.



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