Last Man Standing is the sixth episode of the ninth series of Shameless.


Desperate for cash, Jackson agrees to help Shane Maguire rob a cigarette van at a supermarket.

It doesn't go well and they barely escape the guards, but the unlikely pair may have hit upon a Freegan-inspired business idea for selling out-of-date food.

Gloria's brother Dominic, a whisky priest who's recently stepped away from the church, causes mayhem on the estate when he's threatened by the husbands of two of his conquests, neither of whom he can remember having sex with.

And there's upset all around when Chesney advises Carl that he can do much better than Clem, who Carl plans to move in with.

Post Credit Scene

The camera zooms out to reveal Gloria and Dominic in period clothes similar to a town crier. They stand in The Jockey with a long queue of various women and help a woman into the mystery bra from earlier in the episode. Seeing that it doesn't fit, the woman moves on to reveal that Lillian is next in line. Lillian jiggles her breasts as she waits. This is a reference to earlier in the episode where Gloria jokingly suggested they take the mystery bra around the estate to find it's owner like Cinderella.


Regular Cast

Guest Cast

  • Jason Furnival - Tindall
  • Amy Beth Hayes - Clem
  • Rebekah Hinds - Toploader
  • Matt Chapman - Security Guard


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